About Us

Charak is the name of ancient sage who is the founder of Aurveda system in the eastern world. Being inspired with the name CHARAK a great Yogini and Aurveda practitioner Kamala Singh the very first established the Yoga Center in Thamel, Kathmandu in 2000.

The Very first Yoga center in Kathmandu then started Yoga classes with the aim of spreading the knowledge of Yoga, meditation and Aurveda in Nepal and other counties in the world. The yoga center has benefited uncountable number of students and visitors with the ancient knowledge of Yoga, Meditation and Aurveda.

Now, the Yoga center has been updated and decorated with modern looks with the talented team of Yoga teachers. At Charak Yoga classes are led for all levels, and practitioners of all walks of life, by certified teachers committed to offer quality learning. Regular Yoga daily yoga classes, workshops, Kritan, guest teachers and various Yoga events are also organized regularly at Charak yoga in Thamel. Open seven days a week in a warm, bright and comfortable space, Charak Yoga Studio is dedicated to bring the traditional practice of yoga to the wider community in Kathmandu, Nepal. Charak Yoga Studio is walking distance from the all corner in Thamel.

We are at Next to Pilgrims Book & Investment Bank , Above Jatra Cafe where you can come walk-in.

We provide clean yoga mat and all the yoga prop at the studio.

We offer yoga retreats, yoga Treks, yoga ttc, yoga classes, Ashram yoga experience, so you have opportunity to have different experience.

We offer variety of Hatha yoga styles, personal yoga in request and beginners yoga so you can choose which suites you.